Our company specializes in industrial inspection. To check compliance of the achievements of suppliers and subcontractors, PILGRIM TECHNOLOGY provides expert and innovative robotic means.

For technical inspections, monitoring of projects (expediting), pre-production meetings and audits, our engineers and technicians involved in France and abroad. The experience and quality of our experts do we work for recognized classification societies: 

We also propose to use our range of UAV EAGLE VIEW for hazardous inspections, height, requiring repetitive or boarding special sensors.

Building on our partners we can also deploy drones lines: rolling, floating, ROV, Crawlers ...

Our areas of predilection: Oil & Gas, Marine, Offshore, Marine Renewable Energies, Nuclear, Industry, Agriculture ...



Discover the possibilities of inspections using drones (UAVs), these solutions offer many advantages: saving time, reducing risk to personnel, precise geolocation defects, repeatability comments ...

We have also developed data processing solutions in order to propose effective solutions in photogrammetry, multi-spectral analysis and thermography.

We board many types of sensors: optical, thermal, multi-spectral, noise measurement, measuring ultra sound, temperature sensors, barometer, gas leak detection, laser, lidar ...

All our units are equipped with a GPS system that allows geo-reference measurements. We also provide Digital Model type of restitution solutions Land with millimeter accuracy by working with ground targets.

 Discover our UAVs solutions on Eagle View



Pilgrim Technology
Nantes, FRANCE

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